Reuters publishes news article on the Stitching Our Shoes Report


Homeworkers Worldwide (HWW), Labour Behind the Label and Cividep India, came together to tell the story of thousands of women homeworkers stitching leather shoes for export, in Ambur, South India. The by-product of this endeavour, the  Stitching Our Shoes report was published in March 2016. The report focuses on the plight of these women, who are largely an invisible workforce, not recognised or acknowledged as workers by their employers, their government and even their families. They are excluded from legal protection, ignored by official statistics and often overlooked by trade unions, researchers and campaigners working in the sector.

As a result, homeworkers have the lowest pay, (in a sector that is already lowpaid); their employment is precarious, and they are denied employment benefits such as health insurance, pension contributions or health and safety protection. The report has been turning heads and has been helping the cause, the most recent being a news coverage of the issue by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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