“A lot of things happen, but we cannot talk about it” – the Plight of Voiceless Garment Workers.


A recent article published by the Bangalore Mirror reveals the plight of migrant workers employed in the garment factories of leading multinational brands. Bangalore is the major hub for the garment industry in South India, for the migrant workers though, it is nothing but a nightmarish sweatshop denying them of their freedom and dignity.  The article cites from a new study conducted by human rights organisation, India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN), bringing to light the appalling conditions and restricted freedom forced upon the young migrant women workers. Lack of basic facilities, unhygienic living conditions, and hints of abuse were the other important findings of the study. Cividep applauds ICN for giving a voice to the garment sector workers and believe it will go a long way in bringing about a change to the migrant workers’ lives.

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