Walk a Mile in Their Shoes – Workers‘ Rights Violations in the Indian Leather and Footwear Industry


The Society for Labour and Development, New Delhi and the SüdwindInstitut, Bonn, has published the Walk a Mile in theirShoes Report and Factsheet as a part of the “Change Your Shoes” project. The research was conducted in two different regions: Ambur in South India and Agra in North India. The study shows that workers in Ambur survive in relatively better conditions than in Agra by reaping the historical gains of a vibrant trade union movement – now well past its peak. In this context, recent labour law reforms materialize to supply a flexible labour force for global finance capital. It seems to become increasingly difficult for workers to remember themselves as bearers of human rights. Such a condition is already presenting itself in the case of the workers in Agra. Therefore, having supplied the numbers of rights violations, this study aims to do justice to the working people of the Indian leather and footwear industry in foregrounding their voices to narrate their own stories.

(Please Note: The Spanish version of the report can be accessed here)