Cividep collaborates with organisation for projects across various sectors, focussing on workers rights, business and human rights, health and safety, and corporate accountability. Some of these projects have spanned across sectors like Construction, Forest Industry, and Marine & Energy.



Our research has identified a number of issues confronting workers: Failure to effectively implement the provisions of the Building and other Construction Workers Act, 1996, under-utilization of social security funds, low wages, high rates of lethal and other accidents, low skill levels and discrimination against women workers.

Study on labour rights violations and the availability/effectiveness of grievance mechanisms in the construction sector in Bangalore

This study focuses on the implementation of labour laws and the degree of effectiveness of non-judicial grievance mechanisms in the infrastructure segment of the construction industry. The aim of the study is to examine labour policies and practices of construction companies involved in infrastructure projects in Bangalore such as the Bangalore Metro Rail project.