#WhoCares? campaign for business responsibilities towards childcare and maternity rights

FEMNET #WhoCares? Campaign

The #WhoCares? campaign, run by FEMNET, is aimed at European consumers and asks Who Cares for the children of seamstresses in India, for maternity rights and childcare, and companies’ due diligence towards their social responsibilities. Cividep, in partnership with FEMNET, has had long-term engagement with research and documentation of the conditions of childcare and maternity rights in garment factories in Bangalore as well as capacity building with regards to their improvement. Previous research has shown that crèches in the supplier factories of C&A, Cecil, Primark, H&M and Zalando are either absent or inadequate and queries to these companies have elicited unsatisfactory responses. This campaign aims at raising consumer awareness in order to demand that brands ensure that their supplier factories provide proper support towards childcare and uphold maternity rights, provide pedagogical training to staff in factory crèches, and comply with India’s childcare and maternity benefit laws.

You can learn more about the campaign here.

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