Occupational Health and Safety Workshop for Workers in the Electronic Sector

IVI and Cividep
In association with India Vision Institute (IVI) Tamil Nadu, Cividep organized an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) workshop on 14th October 2018 at Sunguvarchatram, Kancheepuram district. Around 70 workers employed at the State Industrial Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu, (SIPCOT) Industrial Park, were in attendance at the event which focussed on eye-related issues faced by electronics sector workers during the course of their work.
Mr. Padhmanaaban from IVI, spoke to the participants about the risks involved in working with objects in close proximity, and the importance of wearing adequate protective equipment. Also addressed were common symptoms and eye problems associated with the nature of tasks performed by the workers.
Following this session, a screening test was conducted for all the participants, to check for eyesight-related problems. Around 20 workers were diagnosed with defective vision, and provided with spectacles free of charge.
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