Our Team

Meet our small, dedicated team, who all have experience working in the development sector and gained knowledge working together with workers from various sectors.

Gopinath did his Masters in Social Work with Personnel Management and Labour welfare as specialisations. He worked a few years in English daily journalism before working in civil society organisations concerned with rights of Dalits, women, marginal farmers and informal sector workers mainly in designing development programme interventions. He is a founding member of Cividep India and has been General Secretary of Cividep since its inception in the year 2000.


Pramita holds a Master of Arts in Development Studies, and has worked on land rights, child rights and education, women’s labour rights and sustainable agriculture in various capacities. She joined Cividep in 2015, and is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing research projects.


Deepika holds a Masters degree in Social Entrepreneurship and is working with Cividep as Projects Coordinator. Her previous work experience has been that of a Marine Engineer onboard merchant ships. Her interest in Sustainability is what brings her to the development sector.


Parvathi holds a post graduate degree in Social work from Pondicherry University. She has been associated with Cividep as a Programme Officer for the Garment Sector since February 2015. Her areas of interest are working with women and children. In the past, she has worked with non-government organisations and an IT firm.


Anibel (PhD, London) has been supporting the rights of low-wage, migrant workers in the US, the UK and India in various capacities within unions and community-based workers’ centres. As a community educator and university faculty member, she has taught courses on research methods, globalization, development and social justice. Her studies on employment, gender, migration, trade unions, labour standards, transnational production networks, and corporate social responsibility in global industries have been published for a mixed audience of scholars and activists. Associated with Cividep-India since 2006, she currently manages Cividep’s projects in the electronics sector.


Kohila has a Masters degree in Social Work with specialization in Community Development. She joined Cividep in 2016, after spending a few years working on construction and migrant workers issues and their rights. At Cividep, she is responsible for coordinating the electronic sector work


Pradeepan holds a post graduation in Social Work from Madras School of Social Work. Prior to joining Cividep, he worked on issues related to slums and informal settlements and was involved
in a research project on solid waste management and informal waste workers. Pradeepan also has experience working in the area of environmental governance and education. He is passionate about working on issues related to the environment, livelihood and urban poverty. At Cividep, Pradeepan coordinates the work in the leather sector.


Rekha’s academic background is in International Relations and Political Science. She has previously worked extensively on issues of peace and conflict and South Asian politics. Before joining Cividep, she was a graduate Teaching Assistant at McGill University, Canada. Rekha is interested in the local determinants of international politics. In addition, she’s also keenly interested in gender and human rights issues. At Cividep, Rekha is working on the project – Human Rights and Grievance Mechanisms: Access to Justice, in the Garment Sector in South India.


Kavya has done her Diploma in Electronics and Communication (discontinued) and an Industrial training as an Electrician. Hailing from a garment worker’s family, she joined Cividep in May 2015 and is currently working as a Field Researcher. Her work involves maintaining Cividep’s Worker Resource Centre for garment workers in Peenya, interacting, supporting and counselling of migrant workers and conducting field work for various garment sector research projects.


Vineeth holds a graduation in Commerce and works as accounts officer for Cividep since 2007.


Saji Kumari holds a degree in commerce and works as an accountant for Cividep. Her past experiences include working in the finance and accounts departments in various sectors like Software, BPO and captive BPO in Infosys ,ANZ and Concentrix. She is currently pursuing an MBA in Finance.


Hema used to work in a garment factory from the age of 16 years. After 10 years of service she was dismissed because she and other workers tried to form a union. Since then she is working for Cividep as an office assistant.