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We invite scholars and working professionals to share their expertise with us. In turn, we hope to be able to share we will share our knowledge of working on corporate accountability and workers’ rights.


There are no positions currently open at Cividep India. However, if your experience could make a difference to our team, send in your enquiries, including your cover letter and curriculum vitae to

Internship or volunteering

We encourage students to intern with us for at least two months. Students will have the opportunity to get insights into the sectors we work on and approach people in our networks for relevant information. If you are interested please fill in the Volunteer/Internship Form.


Henrieke Butijn

From May to August 2016 I stayed in India to do field research for my Master thesis on workers’ right in electronics factories close to Chennai. During this period I interned with the electronics sector team in Chennai doing field work: talking to workers, participating in worker activities, and doing interviews with other relevant actors. Besides doing research activities for my own thesis, I also provided support for ongoing research undertaken by the field team and contributed to a draft version of a research report. The small and welcoming team in Chennai, and Cividep in general, has been of great help in gathering data, arranging interviews, and providing translation during interviews. On top of that, they really made me feel at home and they helped me with everyday (cultural) matters. I really appreciate what they have done for me and how welcome and comfortable they made me feel. All in all, my experience in India has been great and interesting with lovely people and new friends, interesting and rewarding work in the field and findings for my research, and last but not least: great food! A big thank you to the Cividep team (and especially to Kohila)!

Alanna Dickinson

I applied for an internship with Cividep as a part of my Master’s program in International Development Studies and was grateful to be accepted for a two and a half month long internship. During this time, I had the opportunity to gain first hand insight on the organization’s day-to-day operations. I assisted them with a project designed to research living wages in supply chains, but also had the chance to learn about all their other amazing projects and even had the opportunity to attend a few different events for these projects.This experience ultimately provided me with many insights for my Master’s research on women working in Bangalore’s garment industry. The Cividep team was also incredibly helpful with making contacts in the city and without them, I would not have been as successful as I was in this research. I learned so much from everyone and can’t thank them enough.

Michelle van der Hulst

During my time in Bangalore, I spent five months interning with Cividep. I became interested in Cividep because the Bachelor’s degree I obtained in the social sciences and, in particular, in International Development, closely related to the work Cividep is doing. I was especially interested in the garment industry because of the huge demand there is for cheap clothes produced in developing countries.

I was involved in two projects at Cividep, of which one was the development of educational material for garment workers and trade unions concerning non-judicial grievance mechanisms. The other one focused on researching human right violations and the use of non-judicial grievance mechanisms in the construction industry. Being involved in these projects gave me the opportunity to meet various stakeholders including trade union members, workers and representatives from multi-stakeholder initiatives. I also got to improve my research skills such as setting up questionnaires, doing interviews, conducting desk research and writing parts of the reports. It also gave me insights into the real life practices of the garment industry.

My time in Bangalore has been a blast. Other than the people I met through Cividep, I met many other great people from all over the world and I discovered many beautiful places in India itself. I am really thankful that I have got the chance to gain work experience and broaden my worldview.

Induja M J

During my M.A. studies, I became very interested in the globalization effects on labour Rights and an internship at Cividep – India gave me the precise opportunity in understanding the same at a grassroots level.At Cividep India, I made desk and field research on working and living conditions of workers in construction and garment sector, especially of migrant workers. As part of my work here, I had the occasion to meet various stakeholders in garment sector such as workers, trade unions, labour department officials. This internship also enhanced my legal professional background, by giving me the valuable insight on how detached the labour legislations exist from the socio-economic reality.Mr. Gopinath and other Cividep-India Team members were very helpful in giving valuable academic feedbacks. I had a great time at Cividep. Thank you for everything!

Regina Weidental

I started my internship with Cividep in September 2014. After my studies in Fashion Design Engineering in Germany I was curious to understand the industry behind the glamorous world of fashion. With Cividep I visited garment factories, spoke with people who are involved in decisions on labour conditions in the garment sector and also explored the diversity of this beautiful country.

In the five months of my internship I worked on a project on occupational health and safety issues in Bangalore’s garment sector and on the availability and effectiveness of grievance mechanisms. I researched on labour laws, occupational hazards and various diseases inflicting the workers. By preparing questionnaires and meeting different stakeholders such as insurance officials, trade unions and doctors I increased my knowledge and expanded my horizon. My time with Cividep has taught me a lot. I wish to make the fashion industry more human and less exploitative.

Larissa Aldehoff

I applied for a four month internship with Cividep as part of my Master programme in International Studies and was more than happy that my application was accepted.

Cividep gave me deep insights into their work mainly in the garment sector in Bangalore, but also into their work on electronics in Chennai and the leather sector in Ambur, Tamil Nadu. During my internship I was involved in research on current wages and the need for a living wage in the garment and electronic sectors. This was an enriching experience and broadened my knowledge about the current working and living conditions of workers in India but also improved my skills in conducting field research.

Moreover, Cividep made it possible to meet workers and labour union activists in Bangalore and Ambur so I could get a first-hand impression about working conditions in the different sectors. These meetings were definitely the most impressive experiences during my internship.

I can highly recommend an internship with Cividep. This really influential and well organized NGO can not only provide a lot of useful contacts all over India but also on the global level and give a good overview on local and global activities and strategies. It was really inspiring to see how many activities they conduct and what they already achieved in the fight for better working conditions.

Last but not least I want to stress the kind team, their warm and positive thinking attitude and the productive atmosphere. Everybody is more than willing to help and to support you with their knowledge.

Theresa Utecht

I had the great opportunity to intern with Cividep from March to July 2013. My focus was to learn more about the situation of garment workers in Bangalore who are producing for international brands. As a student of ´Textile and Clothing Management´ I did not have enough information about the condition of the most essential and indispensable actors of the textile supply chain – the workers in developing countries who work under most exploitative conditions.

In Cividep, I worked closely with the staff of this small but hard-working and influential organization. The kind team of Cividep included me in their latest research project about labor conditions in the garment industry in South India and provided me with valuable contacts to other NGOs, unions and workers. I learned about human rights violations in the highly consumer-oriented industry and the deplorable conditions in which western fashion is produced. Moreover, I saw which measures are undertaken on local as well as global level to improve the situation.

My internship is a highly regarded and unforgettable experience. I was warmly welcomed into the team and it was a friendly atmosphere to work in. I learned a lot from Cividep and I thank them for supporting my decision to focus on social and ecological production in the fashion industry.Thank you so much for everything and all my best.

Mark Starmanns

During my PhD field research in Bangalore I was invited to work in the Cividep-India office, and was supported by the team. I was warmly welcome and very much enjoyed the working atmosphere and the direct exchange about my research issues with the staff. The stay provided me with first-hand insights into the issues. THANK YOU very much!

Tulika Bansal

I interned with Cividep-India during summer 2006. Being a International law student with interest in Human rights and CSR, Cividep-India was the right place to start my professional involvement in these topics. Working within the small Cividep team allowed me to learn a lot about CSR, human rights violations in the Indian textile industry and cooperation with various stakeholders such as garment workers, trade unions, lawyers and partner NGOs.Mr. Gopinath encouraged me to take up different opportunities during my time at Cividep-India; from working on an OECD complaint and general research on CSR to meeting with partners and conducting my own research.My positive and valuable experiences at Cividep-India made me decide to continue in the field of Human Rights and CSR in future steps I made, during my Master degree and following professional steps.Thank you for everything.

Alice Gartland

During my placement I put together an initial report on the Companies Act in India and general principles relating to corporate accountability, setting out relevant legislation and issues to review going forward. The research was used to inform and focus Cividep-India’s work in this area. One of the most rewarding aspects of the placement, was having the opportunity to learn from the different members of the Cividep-India team. Overall, the placement greatly improved my knowledge and understanding of corporate accountability issues and has made a valuable contribution to my career development.

Savraj Kaur

I was selected to share my skills in the Bangalore Cividep-India office through the Asian Foundation for Philanthropy’s British-Indian diaspora internship programme, and spent a summer conducting interviews, writing and handling e-communications work for both the garment and electronics sectors, as well as conducting educational activities with the children of garment workers.People’s organisations like Cividep-India and its affiliates are extremely important tools in the human rights world, as they embrace the ability to empower labourers through education, unionisation and campaigning… and influence international companies to respect human rights and conduct their trade with a conscientious approach.Being an active member of such an organisation made my work and stay in Bangalore a highly regarded experience, and I will surely continue to support the work of Cividep-India for years to come. Much appreciation to the gracious and cooperative Cividep-India colleagues, awe-inspiring and strong-willed union workers, and everyone else who made my placement captivating!

Mahoo Lyimo

I volunteered with Cividep-India during the summer of 2010. During my placement I was given the opportunity to research and create a report relating to sexual harassment in the workplace faced by garment workers. Through Cividep-India’s extensive connections I was given the opportunity to talk to an array of inspirational people including people within the local Government and leaders of certain women’s organisations. Accordingly I gained some invaluable knowledge not only about the legal framework currently in place within India but also about the cultural attitudes that are still pervasive within society and which continue to act as an obstacle for any progressive change. The Cividep-India team are a warm and open group of people who welcomed me in whole-heartedly to ensure that I had a productive and pleasurable placement. It was definately an experience I will never forget.

Stella James

The research project with Cividep in June 2011 has been one of the most insightful research work that I have had the opportunity to pursue. My work was to look into the implementation of labour laws in the garment industry in Bangalore, and prepare a report on the same. The work allowed me to take my knowledge of labour laws beyond what I had studied in the classroom. The extensive field work that accompanied the analysis of the relevant national and international laws also gave me a whole new perspective on research. The environment was warm and friendly, and I felt very welcome. I especially want to emphasize that I was treated as part of the organization and at no point did I ever feel that I had to treat the others as my superiors, which set it apart from all my previous internships. It was a wonderful experience and one that I shall not forget.

Jason Chelat

I worked at CIVIDEP for a three week internship in my fourth year of law school. Although I was initially skeptical of the amount of work I could get done in this short span of time, I am grateful for everybody at CIVIDEP for ensuring that I learnt a lot during the time I worked with them. During the course of my internship I worked on the issues related to conditions of labor in electronics and garment sector in India. I had an opportunity to see how labor legislations that I had studied about were functioning in real life situations and to meet and interact with union leaders and workers in some of the most exploitative areas of work in India. Coming from an academic environment that was starting to convince me that legal research was increasingly getting alienated from grassroots experiences and problems, it was refreshing to work at an organization like CIVIDEP. I am grateful for CIVIDEP for giving me an opportunity to work with genuine, sincere and hard working people and making me feel not only welcome at their organization but also useful in some way. Thanks!

Martin Hobi

My master thesis focuses on the implementation of living wages in the ready made garment export sector. I interned with Cividep during my field research in early 2012. I was warmly welcomed and supported by the team. For my interviews, Cividep provided me with a wide range of interesting contacts from their long time experience in this field. Their knowledge helped me a lot in understanding the local context. Furthermore, I could use their infrastructure and was included in their social activities.Thank you very much!