Our Projects

Cividep works towards addressing concerns in the areas of workers’ rights and business and human rights. Our aim is to improve the working conditions of vulnerable workers in global supply chains across sectors. We educate workers about labour rights through training, research on working and living conditions, participate in international campaigns and convene multi-stakeholder forums to encourage brands and other stakeholders to work towards better employment conditions.

We attempt to hold multinational companies accountable for the adverse social and environmental impact of their activities through the framework of international business and human rights mechanisms such as the ILO Core Conventions, the International Declaration of Human Rights, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.



For over a decade, Cividep has been working closely with the Bangalore garment industry, which has an estimated 500,000 workers in nearly 1200 factories. Most leading multinational brands like H&M, ...
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The Electronics Industry in India employs about 4.5 million employees and the Government’s National Policy on Electronics seeks to increase this number to 28 million by 2020. Positive projections about ...
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Ambur in Tamil Nadu is one of the biggest leather clusters in India and is home to a large number of tanneries and footwear factories. Tanneries and factories provide direct ...
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coffee and tea


Cividep’s research and capacity-building work in the plantation sector coffee estates in Karnataka’s Coorg district and tea plantations in the north-eastern state of Assam. Workers typically live on plantations as ...
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Business and Human Rights

Cividep believes that corporations should take responsibility for the negative impact of their activities, and should be accountable for human rights and environmental violations in their supply chains. With the ...
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Cividep collaborates with organisation for projects across various sectors, focussing on workers rights, business and human rights, health and safety, and corporate accountability. Some of these projects have spanned across ...
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